Are you addicted to beautiful words? Type them gently.

GentlyType is amazing super-clean WordPress theme focused on typography and content. It allows you to focus on your thoughts, stories, images or articles. No comments, no menus, no tags, no categories. But don’t worry, your tags or comments will not be affected, you can continue with adding tags or categories to your posts, but this theme will not display them. And do you know you can add Pages normally? Yes, it’s possible!

GentlyType has been created for distraction-free reading. It’s only about you and your words. And this is the main idea of GentlyType.

I’m Viktor Hanacek and I created GentlyType as my first premium WordPress theme. If you have any questions, ideas, thoughs or feedback, please drop the line in comments or message. Your feedback can help me improve my future themes and my skills. Thank you.

PS: One thing I really like, look how awesome pictures looks here!


Monday, April 29, 2013

GentlyType Theme by Viktor Hanacek